Do you need to talk to a therapist?

You might because talking helps sort through life’s uncertainties. Let’s find out if you could use some talk therapy.

Do you often find yourself thinking:

  • “[sigh], I just want to stay in bed.”
  • Or “why is this happening to me?”
  • Or maybe even “why does this always happen to me?”
  • Maybe you find yourself wondering, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”
  • Or think to yourself, “I give up.”
  • Do you feel like you don’t seem to know yourself or trust your own instincts?

If so, you may need to talk.

  • Have you experienced a recent loss that has destabilized your balance in life?
  • Do you catch yourself feeling tense, your muscles tightening, or see yourself snapping at people you care about?
  • Do you feel exhausted …or sad …or overwhelmed?
  • Are you worried all the time about all sorts of events or activities?
  • Have you become stuck and need another point of view?
  • Do you want to respond to challenges with more sturdiness and thoughtfulness?
  • Do you want something to change???

If so, you may need to talk.

You’re probably thinking and feeling at least some of these things because you are here reading this website. Congratulations to you for taking this important step toward making change happen. That, in and of itself, takes courage.

So, let’s talk about your situation, your options and how to determine if you need a professional counselor.

If you want to talk in person, you can contact me now or review the frequently asked questions.